This and That

  • My baby boy can count from 1 to 100 and he can write properly the numbers 1 to 20. Yeah he is blessed with intelligence.
  • It is amazing to be able to fall in love with someone so many times. Once is good, and then it happens again, again and again. We were having some ‘us’ time on Saturday, with him that it is, and at one point I glanced at him and it hit me once again, how much I love him.
  • I was reliably informed that I am demanding, sometimes needed to be reminded that I am of the female species, can be difficult and more or less have too many un-necessary issues. Yeah, can one more or less summarise it as being a bitch? During the discussion, can’t the good things about me balance out the bad? Do I always take much more than I ever give back?
  • Eh eh, I am really proud of my Rhys.
  • The other day, I was in a taxi with a lady and a young boy sitting infront of me. The boy sneezed and he didn’t bother to cover his mouth. I expected and waited for the lady to say ‘Bless you’ to him and that he should cover his mouth but she didn’t say nada. That really surprised me. Even my boy says bless you to someone who sneezes!
  • One of my dreams as a young girl was to study aeronautical engineering and astronomy. A former schoolmate who I hadn’t talked to in a while called me and reminded me of that particular dream. She asked if I was still interested in it and when I thought about it, I realised that life has changed and so have my priorities. But it got me wondering, if everything aligned for me to actually study or if the opportunity was presented without any hassle in some gold wrapping, would I take it?
  • Once upon a time, I used to dream of my father being the president of our country. Children! Being a child is really wonderful. Well, I grew up and was thankful that he wasn’t and never would be.  

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