I am a 40D. For y’all who are of the male species and have no clue what I am on about, that is a bra size. Yeah, I know it is a large bust. Once upon a time it was a 36C, it seems like such a while back and in those days I  used to think it was huge. When I would hear of people being able to get ‘reductions’ done, I would wish that it was affordable for some of us… and then it goes and gets bigger!

But that is not what I want to bitch about. Peeps with big boobs are not taken care of in our beloved country. Yes, my issue is about not being able to get good bras my size. The shops/ stores where it it ispossibleto get them, the prices are for world cup! When Mr. Price opened, I thought my prayers were answered for I didn’t have to ask my friends who were in outside contries to get for me some. When I checked their store out, there was a variety in different designs and colours which totally suits me so I was determined to be one of their regular customers for the lingerie. So some time last month I went there armed to the teeth with dimes to get some lingerie, specifically the bras. I zeroed in on the various designs that I wanted but on checking for my size, there is nada except some ugly non-underwired ones! And the sales chick tells me,

“Sorry madam. Very many customers have complained but ‘they’ have not done anything so far.”

So I ask her if there is hope of bringing some in the larger sizes and she says that possibly at the end of the month. I haven’t gone back to check for knowing Ugandans, they will most likely be there some time during Christmas.

I have the same problem with Enka Rasha in Garden City. There are some lovely bras there but the largest is a 34 C.Why  are they all hating on the big busted chicks?! This is Africa, we are naturally richly endowed! They better recognize!


19 comments on “Bitching

  1. of relatives has the same zib we are even considering surgery. she is a 34 E which i s harder cos her bust is small and yet her cup is big. and that makes her chest very heavy for her frame hence breathing problems, bra straps cutting into her skin etc…used to make special order from woolworth’s. but my friend’s mum started importing lingerie from the UK-Marks and spencer and we managed to get her beautiful ones that fit well. let me load my phone and send you her number and you try her. ok?

  2. Even though I cant relate coz my chest is minuscule, i do know that a lot of women in this country do wear the wrong bra sizes coz Ugandan shops dont recognize “rare” bra sizes, believe you when i tell you that 36AA is very hard to cone by. solution? Online shopping using a Visa Card, sending for them over seas or…making a suggestion to management of Mr. Price. short of that? don’t know

  3. Apparently, for men, they bring larger condoms. That may be because we order them bespoke, so to speak. Now … I don’t believe someone went around with Vernier callipers measuring Ugandan (or African) men to come up with statistics. They just got some reliable info and acted on it.

    Same should be done for our women! 🙂

  4. 40D, Wow…nice. I’m straight btw.

    also, whichever man has no idea what it is (before u explained) isn’t a man. Men know more about bra cups that chicks.

  5. Hmmmn!
    cup size is definitely understandable…
    the sizes of the C, D and E
    C- kawa
    D- a bit bigg
    E- Much biggggger than D

    anyways, bitch away…
    need to hola at a certain Faith chic…

  6. heaven… ooh bambi. sorry about your relative. she will most likely have to travel to the U.S. to get that done. thanks, waiting for that number.

    normzo… hmmm… if you are nice, i just might be tempted to indulge you.

    streetsider… A is the smallest and the further you go in the alphabet, the larger they are. B and C are considered average. Does that help?

    liz… it seems that even the smaller sizes are also being segregated.

    nikolas… are you in hibernation? obuze… (cheri can translate that for you)

    27th… we should start a campaign. are you willing to help spear head it?

    edsulah… would you like to join us?

    miss cheri… thank you kikazi. november would be fine.

    basics… definitely need to halla at her

    joy… oh yes he is very content with them.

  7. …but u know how “African eyes, like mine, are in the hands” so i am suggesting…now where has that thought gone? Darn! eh! but u are many times have i said that i have always wanted to meet u? 12?

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