Yesterday evening I saw a young lady with a weave that had some blue hair in it. A bit strange, I know. One of my friends loved to briad her hair with blond and red extensions which combined with her black hair would make it a black, yellow and red compilation. This would make her head a walking Ugandan flag.

This got me thinking of the crazy stuff I wanted to do as a teenager.

  • Wear a black wedding dress.  White just seemed so boring since almost every bride wears it.
  • Get green contact lenses because they supposedly looked cool. That can be partially be blamed on the many novels that I was reading at the time. The redreal bheads with the green eyes were most of the time the special ladies who were considered real beauties. This led me to also yearning to dye my hair auburn (which I will one day do).
  • Study astronomy and become an astronaut. This one isn’t so bad for many children dream of becoming astronauts. I actually applied to a number of universities for this and got accepted to some really good ones but I wasn’t able to go.

Hormones can really work on a teenager’s common sense! I will have to remember that when Rhys gets to that strange age of change and starts to do the weirdest of things and ideas. And I imagine that with boys it can actually be worse. May God help us all!


9 comments on “Memories…

  1. I am going through a pile of trashy escapist romance novels and all the heroines have shining auburn locks and blazing green eyes! Lol! You might be missing out on your own Mills and Boon experience.

  2. @…

    i never wanted to be an astronut but i have dyed my hair red..oba was it pink…no i think it was purple..actually not sure..

    Though funny i dyed it black again for my interview…lol

  3. Sarah Jessica Parker actually wore a black dress on her wedding…her real wedding not a movie…and she has said she regrets it.

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