I think almost everyone, especially the ladies, have had a girlfriend (friend, sister, cousin, female relative) who has a boyfriend/ husband who mistreats her in one form or another. And despite all that you say, she still stays with him.  The song Girlfriend by Pebbles is dedicated to all those ladies especially Mrs. Ryan Giggs who really needs to take a walk with her head held up high from him like Cheryl Cole and Elin Nordegren did. The younger generation like Heaven and Antipop probably have no clue who Pebbles is but she is a singer who was a hit in the 80’s and 90’s. My sister introduced me to her music which I still like.

When listening to the song recently it made me think of a cousin who was battered by the father of her children and after seeking refuge with us from him after a beating, for something like confronting him about his cheating, would still willingly go back to him when he came looking for her. Eventually she did see the light and threw him out ma proper.  We need to see the light from the get go and not a number of broken bones/ hearts later. This is well described in this song…

To believe
Or not to believe
That is the question
It just takes a street degree
You’ve lied your last lie
And I’ve cried my last cry
I’m out the door, babe
There’s other fish in the sea

Girl, make a list
Go out and find yourself a new bad thing
Girl, you need a trip
‘Cause he’s not worth the misery and pain
Just remember how he would tell you lies
And then pretend that everything is so sweet
Why should you sacrifice
If you’re not satisfied
He’s just a canine runnin’ ’round in heat

How could you let him treat you so bad, oh
You know you were the best he ever had, oh, oh, oh
How could you let him treat you so bad, oh
You know you were the best he ever had, oh, oh, oh

Girl, you must resist
Don’t let him squirm his way into your heart
No, girl, I must insist
You’ve got to stop the fool before he starts
Just remember how he was so untrue
With all the tacky things he did to you
No need to signify
‘Cause he’s not worth your time
You need to find someone that’s true to you

Girlfriend, Pebbles


By Sybella Posted in Life

7 comments on “Girlfriend!

  1. After years of missing you sweets…i am privileged to be the first here….

    The story of your cousin is the exact story of one of my younger auntie’s..

    Sweets i have missed you

  2. Hey Sybella (grins)

    Anyhu back to the post. I also don’t understand such women..I saw it for myself when I was in uni..I always pray such women get out before it gets too bad (the physical and mental abuse) for the cheaters…I still don’t understand why the women stay..

  3. I almost missed all this! Yeah, those horror stories are all over the place, though sometimes you have got to wonder what takes some of the women back, like Cherly Cole who I hear is seriously considering reuniting with hubby, if she hasn’t already…nice to see you back to blogging. I missed reading!

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