The Unexpected….

Two of my friends are getting close to heading down the aisle in a few months and I am so excited for the two of them. I was looking back on how they got together and thought that it was wonderful how something unexpectedly good can come of something so basic.
They met at work. She is a single mother of two. He is a player, younger than her by a couple of years. It started out as a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement and then six months into the relationship, they realize that there is much more to things. Feelings are involved… Jealousy… Missing each other when away… So why not make this permanent and now they are living together. Two years later and the kuhingira will be in December, wedding in 2013.
Now what inspired all this was a conversation I had with them today morning. We were discussing with madam how her son (8 years old) and daughter (5 years old) need to have an outing with my one and only Rhys (soon to be 7 years old). And then mister says, ‘Are you trying to hook up my daughter with your son?!’ with all the protectiveness of a biological father. Now, for many, that will seem normal. But the thing is this, she is not his biological daughter, but he already considers her to be ‘his’ daughter with no questioned asked. And for him it seemed so natural like she has been his since birth. I wanted to hug him so hard but all I did was grin for you need to know how to handle Bakiga men at certain points X.
To all the men and women who are being real wonderful parents to their step children or adopted children, you are to be celebrated world over. May God continuously and richly bless you for what you do is humbling.