In Celebration of Bakiga…

I was traveling in a taxi recently with my cousin when he received a call from his long lost friend. He was so excited that the Mukiga in him couldn’t hold back. He was so loud that the driver had to park and wait for him to finish receiving the call.

The other passengers started releasing a barrage of words that were anti-Bakiga.  The conductor cemented it by wondering whether we were also created in the same image of God.  Just so you know, we Bakiga were fearfully and wonderfully created.

Fearfully because we don’t have time to gossip – we beat. Actions speak louder than words wonderfully because we speak the truth.  A spoon is a spoon not a small spade. Bakiga are not like other tribes that say Kankomewo, (I will be back shortly), and they don’t come back.  If a Mukiga tells you that they are coming back then start preparing food for they live by their word. If a Mukiga tells you ‘nda kwasha’ for I will beat you, please get on your heels before he finishes saying it.

To set the record straight, Bakiga are not rude or vulgar. They are just putting their language to use. You will never find parables in Kigezi. They don’t have time to confuse the folk.

They say Bakiga are loud but what do you expect from people born and raised in mountains where you have to amplify your voice to communicate with someone up the mountain? If airtime was charged according to how loud the caller is, Bakiga would be dead broke.

Bakiga are the most romantic people. They don’t waste time wooing and raising false expectations. They will tell you straight in the face, from the word go, that they love you. If you don’t love them then leave. If you expect a Mukiga to plead with you for a second chance, like Salvador, just know that’s a dream.

Most Bakiga are disease resistant. You will hardly hear that there was a disease outbreak in Kigezi. The kids get one injection their entire lifetime – immunization.  This is entirely because of a balanced diet. A kid wakes up to fresh potatoes with a mug of bushera. Three sips and the cup is done. There is no such word like “lack of appetite” in Kigezi. 

We are the hardest working people. That’s why every strong man is referred to as Kyakabale even if he’s a Musoga. Our ladies are very hard working too which other tribes misinterpret as being aggressive. They reason logically. Why buy a bouquet of flowers when that money can equally buy a sack of Irish potatoes?

We are independent minded. You can’t expect a mukiga to be at your beck and call. That’s why most of the ‘rebel’ MPs are Bakiga.  We live a free life. No wonder there is nothing like Kigezi kingdom. The king would suffer because every Mukiga is a king in their own right.

I salute all Bakiga because the last population census revealed that Bakiga were multiplying at a fast rate. They are doing this in fulfillment of the scriptures – go multiply and fill the world. We have the best family planning method. You can’t get pregnant when you are pregnant.

Author Unknown


He made me laugh…

Rhys made a joke this past Wednesday night and I was impressed. He had a collision with the neighbour’s door that evening, which unfortunately is metallic and this left a bump on his head. Later on at night when I was putting him to bed, he says

“Mommy, I need to cover my head for if ants find this bump on my head they might think it is an ant hill!”

It really made my week. My young man had ‘cracked’ his first joke.

Enjoy the long weekend.

It’s been a while…

… a really long while. And I have missed blogger. And I have been given some stick for being away for long. I guess this Mommy has been busy and having some form of blogger block 🙂 But I am back, did you miss me?

Well Rhys has had loads happening in his life. He is getting independent minded at a fast rate and learning loads. He can now really read sentences. Even write his long full name and proudly says all 5 parts of his name. He has been coming home with little gifts like sweets for beng the best at school for one thing or the other. Like in reading. When I had a few days off from work a couple of weeks ago, I went to his school to speak to the teachers and basically check on him. His headmistress was singing his praises which causes every parent to swell with pride. And while I was there, my baby boy managed to put a smile on my face, actually a grin. Once he realised that I was in the headmistress’ office, he started to bring his friends to meet me. I was at first puzzled by the increasing number of children coming out of the blue to say hello to me and then I heard him outside the office telling one child to ‘go and inside and say hello to my mother.’ Basically he was showing me off. Rhys is proud of his Momma. Yes, even we like to know that we are accepted by our children.

These days the sport that I am feeling is Bowling. Despite it having been introduced in Uganda a couple years back, I hadn’t tried it out. A couple of moths ago, we were having a send off party for a workmate and chose to have it at Alleygators. We were made to team up and play and it was so much fun. So now I try to go bowling at least once a month. My girlfriends have been dragged into this ofcourse and so will Rhys soon. Would anyone like to challenge me?

Y’all have a fabulous week.

The Joy of Children

This is dedicated to Chanel, the newest Mama on the block.

My baby boy can be so good for my well being for he has a way of making my heart swell with joy and so much love with smallest of things.

On Monday evening, when I got home after a hard day’s work, I was relaxing on the sofa with Rhys watching some television. All of sudden he breaks out in song while pointing at me,

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away”

I felt so special.

And then there are instances when I am in the room getting ready to go out while he is tinkering around with stuff or playing on the bed when out of the blue he says,

“Mommy you are very beautiful.”

Or, he is on the floor looking for something when he ends up close to my feet and says,

“Mommy you have nice toes.”

One time my sister heard him say that and tried to solicit a compliment from him by asking, “what about mine?”. He answered with a resounding, NO. My baby boy can be so good for my ego.

In other news:

Today is a wonderful day. I got to the office about 25 minutes late and when I explained to my boss the problem which was very nasty traffic jam (the truth), she says sorry! I almost fainted in surprise, for this is from someone who can scream her lungs at someone for walking in at 8.02am in the morning and yet there were supposed to be in by 8.00am. God has worked miracles in this office!

Rhys, a genius

My son can write his name. I said, MY SON CAN WRITE HIS NAME! On his own, not tracing dots or something like. As you can clearly tell, I am so excited about this.

Most of you are probably wondering why it is such a big deal since his name is only 4 letters long but the name I am talking about is his other Christian name which is eight letters long. I am so proud of him. At what age are most children able to do that? Well I am officially declaring that Rhys is a genius. Don’t hate Tandra.

Celebration of Love

For all those who have good loving partners put your hands up… actually stand up, acknowledge them, appreciate them and thank our Heavenly Father for them. He/She is not in any way to be taken for granted.

He sent me one rose on Monday and a hand written letter asking me to his valentine. I love hand written letters and beautiful words. He did not take it for granted that even if we have been together for all this time it would be automatic. Then yesterday he came to my office with some more roses and chocolate just because it was a Tuesday. Yeah, I know Tandra, he makes them look bad.

Now while I was on my home in the evening, on seeing the roses a guy who sat next to me in the taxi and I had had one of the weirdest conversations in my life. Weird not because of the content of the conversation but because he was a stranger, thus someone who I had obviously never met and yet we talked like we were old friends.

The thing that he said which struck me the most was,

“You are lucky to have someone.”

He is right but to me it is more that I am blessed rather than luck. He is so so so much and then some more.












God fearing

A good listener



Delicious (you need to kiss him to understand that 😉 )

And this is just a tip of the iceberg to describe who he is…

My warrior, my baby and I am proud to call him my wonderful man.

437 always…

Dear Daddy

Get so caught up everyday
Tryna keep it all together
While the time it slips away
You see I know nothing last forever

Imagine there was no tomorrow
Imagine that I couldn’t see your face
There’d be no limit to my sorrow
So all I can say

I wanna tell you something


Give you something
Show you in so many ways
‘Cause it would all mean nothing

If I don’t say something

Before it all goes away


Don’t wanna wait to bring you flowers

Waste another hour let alone another day
I’m gonna tell you something

Show you something

Won’t wait till it’s too late

I can’t wait, I can’t wait


I won’t wait

I don’t wanna wait

Just a simple conversation
Just a moment is all it takes
I wanna be there just to listen
And I don’t wanna hesitate

Imagine there was no tomorrow
Imagine that I couldn’t see your face
There would be no limit to my sorrow
‘Cause there’s nothing that could fill that space


Ohh did I put it off for too long
I didn’t say all that I had to say
I wanna take my time to right the wrong

Before we get to that place


Just lean on my shoulder,
It’s not over till it’s over
Don’t worry about it cause
I’m gonna make sure our bond gets stronger
I don’t wanna wait until the storm

When something’s wrong and now you are gone

And I can’t find you


Tell You Something, Alicia Keys

Dear Daddy,

This is the 14th Christmas that we have celebrated without you. I miss you so much… there is so much that has happened that you have missed out on… meeting him and harangueing him just like fathers are supposed to with every guy who is interested in his girl, I think you would have liked him… watching Rhys grow up, from being a small incling of a baby mving to the various stages; the sitting bit then crawling and then the big one of making those tentative steps to the all out running. It is amazing how tall he is becoming … he is a handsome boy who looks so much like you. He is also intelligent, he started school and his teachers are impressed with his fast progress. You would have loved Rhys and bonded with him so hard. He has missed out on knowing his Shwenkuru… I pray that you will meet in heaven and make up for all the lost time one good day…

Oooh, then the U.S.A. have a black president, I know you would have been impressed by that.

There are so many things in my life that I realized that I actually take for granted and I am sorry for so many things that I did that didn’t please you… so many times that I didn’t say thank you… so many times that I was not grateful that you were in my life as a caring loving father… I do not want to make those same mistakes with the people who I have in my life who are special… I will say I love you to them everyday… to say thank you for the smallest of things that they do… give them a big hug when they are hurting despite of everything and anything… to apprecaite them in whichever way I can…

I still love you… I still miss you…


Remembering the day…

Kale it has been 3 years… 3 years of having the blessing that is Rhys. Time can really fly by.

3 years since I last went to the hospital to have a growing ‘entity’ removed from my womb. 3 years since I was screaming my heart out due to the excruciating pain but at the same time dying of laughter. What could I possibly have had to laugh about at that time? The thing is, the other lady who was in the delivery room with me was busy shouting in between contractions,

“Mukama nsonyiwa. Sikyabidamu! Banange Katonda nsonyiwa.”

And ofcourse the nurses were not helping by saying,

“Wagenda yo tolaba?! Nanti mwali munyumirwa.”

It just won’t sound as good in English but basically this is it:

Chick in labour – “God please forgive me. I will not do it again. Please forgive me.”

Nurses – “You understood what you were doing at the time. Busy having a good time.”

The majority of Ugandan nurses are notoriously known for being unfriendly/ unloving although the lady who was taking care of me was actually really lovely. Though at one point, a serious contraction was hitting and she came to say something to me while touching my shoulder, I almost ate her head off. As if she didn’t know better.

But it was all worth it when at 20.15hours, my little bundle of joy was placed in my arms…

And now that it is 3 years later, I feel more blessed and all gooey inside for the joy and blessings he has brought to our lives as a family and all who know him.


Better, really much better…

Thank you for all the support everyone… it is so weird that we really haven’t met and yet are a kind of family and friends that support each other… blogren.

He came to see me at lunch time just to give me a hug when he found out about the drama… it felt so good being held by him with all the turmoil that I was going through.

Then in the evening when I got home, seeing Rhys’ cute, innocent and loving face made me feel so much better. He was busy telling me about his baby… yes, his baby. Our house helper wasn’t able to leave her one year old son Elijah (such a wonderful name) at home with her helper who was unwell. So she came with Elijah home.

Rhys was feeling the older big brother kind of thing. Telling him what not to do and what he can do. Taking him around and getting toys for him to play with. My Mom said that he even wasn’t bothered with going out to play with his friend Grey since he had his baby in the house. I thought that was really sweet and continues to strengthen my belief that he will be a good big brother.

And today, there has been a rainbow in the sky for me the whole morning.

Some excitement…

Rhys was taken “out” by his Uncle and Aunt on Sunday. All dressed up, with his shoes nicely shined and his hair brushed so very well, off they went.

“Mommy, I am going out!”

“Out in unco’s car. Bye Mommy.”

Banange my son was excited. Now don’t start thinking that we are so recluse and take the boy to places in the car, Rhys loves cars. They get him so kyamukated. Maybe he will be the Shumacker of his time… ((gone off to the land of seeing my son’s name in the spotlight, oh my)). Okay, back to this land…

Now the thing is, they weren’t going anywhere fancy, just to Game. His Aunt wanted to buy a DVD Player for him. Yeah, I know my family spoils my son and I love it. The Player is so that Rhys can watch his shows without any interuptions. What shows? In addition to the Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Boomerang, for him to now watch Elmo, Teletubbies and watch his other cartoons that catch his fancy. Kale all we had in our days was Pingu, Punky Brewster, Duffy Duck, Didi on tv and then Popeye and the Disney movies on VHS! Wabula…

Hatiya, they were gone for just over two hours; wasn’t complaining , was enjoying the rare free time that is derived as a result at such times. Very rare times! When they do finally get back, it’s minus the DVD Player but there is a truck for my boy. Sebo is mob excited, seriously hyper. If I didn’t know better, would have thought he had smoked some weed or drunk some strong coffee. He loved the outing and loved his truck. Is still loving the truck. He puts his “baby” (read teddy bear) on it and pushes it around.

It was so good to see him in such a high mood. His happiness gives me so much joy!

In other news, our neighbour opened an airtime kiosk just outside our gate. It even has kara, elec for the evenings when it is dark. Airtime for all networks! I am so welcoming this coz at some weird hour can actually run out of airtime and need to make an urgent call. So we are now so sorted.

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