He made me laugh…

Rhys made a joke this past Wednesday night and I was impressed. He had a collision with the neighbour’s door that evening, which unfortunately is metallic and this left a bump on his head. Later on at night when I was putting him to bed, he says

“Mommy, I need to cover my head for if ants find this bump on my head they might think it is an ant hill!”

It really made my week. My young man had ‘cracked’ his first joke.

Enjoy the long weekend.


The Joy of Children

This is dedicated to Chanel, the newest Mama on the block.

My baby boy can be so good for my well being for he has a way of making my heart swell with joy and so much love with smallest of things.

On Monday evening, when I got home after a hard day’s work, I was relaxing on the sofa with Rhys watching some television. All of sudden he breaks out in song while pointing at me,

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away”

I felt so special.

And then there are instances when I am in the room getting ready to go out while he is tinkering around with stuff or playing on the bed when out of the blue he says,

“Mommy you are very beautiful.”

Or, he is on the floor looking for something when he ends up close to my feet and says,

“Mommy you have nice toes.”

One time my sister heard him say that and tried to solicit a compliment from him by asking, “what about mine?”. He answered with a resounding, NO. My baby boy can be so good for my ego.

In other news:

Today is a wonderful day. I got to the office about 25 minutes late and when I explained to my boss the problem which was very nasty traffic jam (the truth), she says sorry! I almost fainted in surprise, for this is from someone who can scream her lungs at someone for walking in at 8.02am in the morning and yet there were supposed to be in by 8.00am. God has worked miracles in this office!

His view…



“Mommy?!” Still no response.

She isn’t even turning to look at me. Mommy can seriously concentrate when she is watching tv like Kaka when she is reading the newspaper. What should I now do? Ah, I know what to do.

Mwaa (that is Rhys giving me a kiss and my total attention focuses on him)

Perfect, now I can talk to her since I now have her full attention.

“Mommy, …..”

Oba who is he learning this stuff from. It actually amazed me and I was… moved by it.

Dear Daddy

Get so caught up everyday
Tryna keep it all together
While the time it slips away
You see I know nothing last forever

Imagine there was no tomorrow
Imagine that I couldn’t see your face
There’d be no limit to my sorrow
So all I can say

I wanna tell you something


Give you something
Show you in so many ways
‘Cause it would all mean nothing

If I don’t say something

Before it all goes away


Don’t wanna wait to bring you flowers

Waste another hour let alone another day
I’m gonna tell you something

Show you something

Won’t wait till it’s too late

I can’t wait, I can’t wait


I won’t wait

I don’t wanna wait

Just a simple conversation
Just a moment is all it takes
I wanna be there just to listen
And I don’t wanna hesitate

Imagine there was no tomorrow
Imagine that I couldn’t see your face
There would be no limit to my sorrow
‘Cause there’s nothing that could fill that space


Ohh did I put it off for too long
I didn’t say all that I had to say
I wanna take my time to right the wrong

Before we get to that place


Just lean on my shoulder,
It’s not over till it’s over
Don’t worry about it cause
I’m gonna make sure our bond gets stronger
I don’t wanna wait until the storm

When something’s wrong and now you are gone

And I can’t find you


Tell You Something, Alicia Keys

Dear Daddy,

This is the 14th Christmas that we have celebrated without you. I miss you so much… there is so much that has happened that you have missed out on… meeting him and harangueing him just like fathers are supposed to with every guy who is interested in his girl, I think you would have liked him… watching Rhys grow up, from being a small incling of a baby mving to the various stages; the sitting bit then crawling and then the big one of making those tentative steps to the all out running. It is amazing how tall he is becoming … he is a handsome boy who looks so much like you. He is also intelligent, he started school and his teachers are impressed with his fast progress. You would have loved Rhys and bonded with him so hard. He has missed out on knowing his Shwenkuru… I pray that you will meet in heaven and make up for all the lost time one good day…

Oooh, then the U.S.A. have a black president, I know you would have been impressed by that.

There are so many things in my life that I realized that I actually take for granted and I am sorry for so many things that I did that didn’t please you… so many times that I didn’t say thank you… so many times that I was not grateful that you were in my life as a caring loving father… I do not want to make those same mistakes with the people who I have in my life who are special… I will say I love you to them everyday… to say thank you for the smallest of things that they do… give them a big hug when they are hurting despite of everything and anything… to apprecaite them in whichever way I can…

I still love you… I still miss you…


Remembering the day…

Kale it has been 3 years… 3 years of having the blessing that is Rhys. Time can really fly by.

3 years since I last went to the hospital to have a growing ‘entity’ removed from my womb. 3 years since I was screaming my heart out due to the excruciating pain but at the same time dying of laughter. What could I possibly have had to laugh about at that time? The thing is, the other lady who was in the delivery room with me was busy shouting in between contractions,

“Mukama nsonyiwa. Sikyabidamu! Banange Katonda nsonyiwa.”

And ofcourse the nurses were not helping by saying,

“Wagenda yo tolaba?! Nanti mwali munyumirwa.”

It just won’t sound as good in English but basically this is it:

Chick in labour – “God please forgive me. I will not do it again. Please forgive me.”

Nurses – “You understood what you were doing at the time. Busy having a good time.”

The majority of Ugandan nurses are notoriously known for being unfriendly/ unloving although the lady who was taking care of me was actually really lovely. Though at one point, a serious contraction was hitting and she came to say something to me while touching my shoulder, I almost ate her head off. As if she didn’t know better.

But it was all worth it when at 20.15hours, my little bundle of joy was placed in my arms…

And now that it is 3 years later, I feel more blessed and all gooey inside for the joy and blessings he has brought to our lives as a family and all who know him.


A year old…

Kale I missed my anniversary… not the wedding anniversary but the blog one. Tis kika!

I have been blogging for a bit over a year. I am not exactly like her, her or her who post regularly, at times even grace us with 2 posts in a day. Letting things out can at times be really difficult for me and so I don’t have many posts. But I am enjoying it so far.

The ‘birthday’ was actually on the 10th September but I have been mad busy and actually just realised earlier this week that I had missed it. Time has really flown by.

Just thinking that to celebrate, I should go for my inaugural BHH meet for intelectual discussions today… definitely not for socializing. Let’s see how the day progresses…


I am a born again Christian. For real? Yes.

I used to love going to Church. Looove… to the point that I would spend a really large portion of every day of the week there and would look forward to going back the next day. When I was in S.6 vacation, as Invaders we would meet after lunch for fellowship till about 6.30pm and i would end up getting home at at 7.30/8pm. My borther would make some serious noise whenever I would get home about this and him being the atheist just did not help. At that point in my life, it was just the two of us because the rest of the family was spread across the world. The irony about my brother not believing in God is that our Mom is an evangelist. I guess what Jesus said about family can be so true…

The thing is, I haven’t had that zeal for Church for such a long time. When I read her post I actually felt such an emptiness about this and I am trying to find a way to get back to having a strong spiritual life once again…

My Christianity walk actually started when I was 6 years old. Although at that point it wasn’t so clear to me the significance of what I was doing but the joy that it caused my Mom and Aunt about me accepting Christ as my Lord and Saviour made me sure that I had done something right. I regularly went to Church from then on and loved it.

Blessedly, I went to a high school which has a very strong foundation with Christianity and got a lot of support and very good spiritual guidance there. I had a bit… ok, a very huge backsliding session when my Dad passed away when I was 15 but I got back on the right track 2 years later. By the time I was finishing with high school and getting closer to CANTAB (final exams), we were really uplifed high and were having very many evil attacks but Jesus was by our side all this time and we had the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We kept strong through all of this.

But then sometime between then and now, things started to go down hill but I am determined to get back to Jesus… whatever it takes. Especially for Rhys… for Him to follow the right path in God’s ways.

Smile, Jesus loves you.

A High’s High… Thankful

I am riding on a serious high. Real pure bliss… like on a fluffy white cloud… one of those highs when you are crazy enough to shout ‘next round of all drinks on me’ in a bar. Boundless happiness… What is causing all this?

Well, a friend who has been having a couple of complications with her pregnancy gave birth naturally to a healthy 3.6kg baby boy on the 7th of the 7th month of 2008. Clearly going to be a very blessed boy – Stephan.

I watched a movie that I really really really liked, more than I thought I would, Hancock. Peter Berg did a very good job, don’t care what none of you say about it. Had a good time watching it with him at the cinema.

We love each other and I have gotten to the point where I don’t give a hoot about kissing him on Kampala Road. For me that is really a big deal. He accepts me for who I am, even my craziness that hits at times… he hadn’t even noticed that I had put on weight till I mentioned it. No Tandra, he was not just humouring me. Thank you for being you baby.

Rhys is wonderful and in good health, intelligent, handsome, blessed, cheeky at times, playful, energetic, loving… the apple of my eye. He puts a smile on my face after a hectic day all the time.

A good friend is coming back home from outside countries this week and that gives me some more joy. Its been long since I last ‘looked upon’ your face…

God is good. Jesus loves yoy and He is always in control.

I am loving and enjoying my everyday life.

Thank you Jesus.

Making friends

Yesterday was my birthday and went out to celebrate at Mamba Point and Rhys was with us. Hadn’t actually been there before, we had a really good time…

Wait, i hear someone asking, “How old are you?”, wouldn’t you like to know! Anyway, I am now 26 and the most amazing thing is that I am content. I actually realized that yesterday; grateful to God for my family, friends, a good job and got an un-expected promotion earlier this year (business cards are changing to show manager…. oooooh, it seems so unreal!) but most especially my wonderful boy. The thing is, on my birthday, I tend to analyze my life so far, what I have achieved but most especially what is lacking, which usually takes precedence, didn’t really figure in my thoughts because it doesn’t really matter that much. I have way too much to be thankful to God for. My Bible reading for yesterday was my favourite Psalm, Chapter 139. Really encompasses everything.

Ok, back to where I started… have started wondering from the point like some people…

Now while at Mamba Point, Rhys made a friend. A couple came in after our group with their son, Victor who is 15 months. Surprisingly, throughout dinner, Rhys sat very well behaved and didn’t get into any mischief. After a while, guess he was getting bored so he decided to walk around.  While adventuring, he saw Victor and their eyes met! They first ‘eyed’ each other like two cowboys waiting for the other to make a move. Then after a while, become bussom buddies, following each other around, sharing bread sticks and the like. It was sweet, even Victor’s parents were amused. So my boy has started making international friends, Victor be half English and half Italian, oba what be the big difference coz he basically be white.

He also learnt something knew yestersay, toasting! As in with glasses and the whole cheers thing. And he kept on doing the clinking of glasses (although he had a plastic cup), it was sweet.

All in all, it was a really good day.